My hopes for 2024: Dane McCrindell

A Finchley resident looks ahead to the new year

A close up of a basketball on an outdoor court
Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

Looking ahead to the coming year, as a young resident of Barnet, I would like to see the borough become a centre for inclusivity, engagement, and diverse recreational opportunities. 

I’d like to see basketball courts for all ages with multiple single rims not doubles and different sizes in height for different ages. 

By making better use of existing facilities, Barnet should aim to organize social sport sessions, encouraging participation and skill development among residents of varied age groups.

Creating independent spaces for young people after school is a priority – instead of the streets and parks, the focus should shift to opening snooker lounges and gaming hubs. These safe environments would offer relaxation and a chance to socialise, instilling a stronger sense of community. 

The borough could host more street parties, talent shows, and performances. These kinds of inclusive events encourage young people to get involved and foster a sense of belonging. 

It’s also important to acknowledge the generational gap – local pubs and venues should feature younger DJs and varied music genres such as afro beats, dancehall, and American hip-hop/rap.

The could transform the music scene in the borough, resulting in bigger audiences and a buzzing engaging local area. 

2024 is the year for Barnet to foster inclusive spaces, community events, and diverse recreational options – so that everyone in our vibrant borough has the chance to thrive with a shared sense of community.

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