My hopes for 2024: Sarah Sackman

The Labour candidate for Finchley and Golders Green looks ahead to the new year

Sarah Sackman - Labour candidate for Finchley and Golders Green
Sarah Sackman

In 2024, I’m hoping for change. 

At a political level this means Britain getting its mojo back after years of decline.

There’s so much we need to fix: a creaking NHS, crumbling schools, the spiralling cost of living and chronic under-investment.

Change starts with a general election. We need to get our economy back on track, support those in need and break down barriers to opportunity.

With that change we can start to improve the lives of residents across all our diverse communities in Finchley and Golders Green. I see so many ways that we can make things better – whether it’s supporting our children with access to education or finding better ways to keep our streets clean and safe.

Looking beyond our borders, I hope to see Britain play its part on the world stage on the issues that require international cooperation: progress for peace in the Middle East and tangible steps towards tackling climate change. 

And at a personal level, as a massive sports fan, I’m hoping for a win for England at the Euros next summer and a successful Olympics for Team GB. Hopefully the nation’s sporting prowess will rub off on me and I’ll beat my personal best for 10k!

These are my hopes for 2024. But hope without action isn’t enough. We don’t deserve more of the same. We all need to bring about change so that we can turn hopes into reality.

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