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Barnet Post publishes community contributions so that readers have a broader idea of what’s happening in our area – and community organisations have an outlet for their news, events and opportunities.

In the form below you will be able to submit up to 400 words with your news, your event, your opportunity or listing. Please make sure that you include an email address and/or telephone number so that we can contact you about your submission.

After reading below, click here fill in a short form to send us your community news.

If you have problems with the form, email [email protected]

What we publish via this form:

  • Info on free or low-cost events – including event name, location, date and time, brief description, and cost.
  • Volunteering opportunities – with local charities or community organisations
  • Reports from charities, community organisations, clubs and societies – for example, a report of specific event or a monthly news round-up
  • Info on charity or community-based services – including details of new or ongoing activities
  • Sports reports from football, cricket and other clubs

What we cannot publish via this form:

  • Articles, comment and opinion pieces. This form is for news about events, groups and organisations only. All other pieces should be pitched to [email protected]
  • Commercial events. The primary purpose of your submission should not be the sale of goods and services. Performances, quiz nights or shows are fine. If you wish to advertise on Barnet Post, contact [email protected] who will be able to give you a quote.
  • Political events,fundraisers, meetings or demonstrations.

Once you have submitted your news, Barnet Post will edit it for clarity, length and layout. When we are doing this, we may contact you for further information or to check any details.

We will share your contribution within 3 days. Your submission may also be linked to in our weekly email newsletter.

Photographs and images

If you have any photographs or images to accompany your submission, please email them to [email protected] , with the name of your event, organisation or group in the subject line and the date you sent your submission (ie Melchester Rovers match report 12/05/2023).