My hopes for 2024: Propa Rezwana Anwar

A new year view from a vice chair of Barnet Multi Faith Forum

Propa Rezwana Anwar, vice chair of Barnet Multi Faith Forum
Propa Rezwana Anwar

My aspirations for Barnet in 2024 are shaped by our true commitment to diversity – but also environmental sustainability and cultural enrichment. 

Barnet’s endeavour to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2042 proves our dedication to a sustainable future. 

Barnet is bidding to be London’s 2027 Borough of Culture ( #OurBarnetCanvas ). This accolade would not only spotlight our borough’s artistic appeal but also serve as a platform for inclusive community engagement and creative expression. 

In the spirit of fostering cultural vibrancy, Barnet looks forward to collaborative events with residents and community organisations that spark new and precious friendships. 2024 is about ensuring we work towards this goal.

I am particularly looking forward to Barnet’s role in the London Festival of Architecture’s 20th anniversary. This partnership aims not only to celebrate architectural heritage but also to showcase the richness of our multicultural tapestry. Recognising the paramount importance of nurturing our youth, Barnet is dedicated to creating growth and development opportunities. 

I believe initiatives that focus on education, skill-building, and entrepreneurship are pivotal components of our strategy to empower the next generation further this year. 

As we embark on this transformative journey together, my hope is that Barnet continues evolving as a harmonious and resilient community, embracing diversity, sustainability, and cultural richness in equal measure. ‘Together, we are Barnet.’ 

I’ll end with a limerick for you: 

In Barnet aspirations take flight, 

For 2024 to be bright. 

With a commitment true 

To the green goals in view 

A promising year awaits with light. 

Propa Rezwana Anwar is vice chair of Barnet Multi Faith Forum – read more Barnet Hopes for 2024 from Dan ThomasBidemi AlabiDan TomlinsonSara HallYoussef BashirDane McCrindell, Sarah Sackman and Ameet Jogia.

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