My hopes for 2024: Bidemi Alabi

The director of Barnet TV looks ahead to the new year

Bidemi Alabi of Barnet TV
Bidemi Alabi

Last year was characterized by war and tragedies across the world and my hopes for 2024 has world peace at the very top. 

I hope people are more tolerant of each other and do more to help significantly reduce global warming. I hope the government does more to support young people, especially those that are struggling with their mental health. 

Bringing things a bit closer to home, I hope Barnet continues to grow as a borough that supports its residents and be a place where businesses can thrive. 

At Barnet TV, I hope we are able to create even more community videos  that capture more of the wonderful things that happen across the borough, reach more residents and create more work experience opportunities for residents interested in a career in TV, journalism and business.

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