My hopes for 2024: Dan Tomlinson

The Labour candidate for Chipping Barnet looks ahead to the next year

A man stands in front of a hospital
Labour Candidate for Chipping Barnet Dan Tomlinson – (Credit – Dan for Chipping Barnet)

My sincere hope for 2024 is that we can start a new chapter here in Chipping Barnet and in Britain.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of people across Barnet this year. I’ve heard horror stories of mortgage bills surging by thousands of pounds a month, of crimes that aren’t followed-up because the police are so stretched, and of hour after hour of waiting to get through to the GP. 

We can’t go on like this. And so I hope that the 2024 General Election will bring change.

I hope for a Barnet where criminals stop trying to steal people’s cars because they know that the police will catch them; for an economy that brings rising wages and prosperity to every family; for a health system that isn’t at breaking point but focused as much on prevention as cure; and, I hope for schools where teachers have the funding and support to give every child the attention they need.

These hopes aren’t radical or far-fetched. I don’t have time for that, and nor do the good people of Barnet. 

Instead, I hope for the ordinary to be better. For life to have that bit more space for the good things, because the stress and strain caused by our failing economy and public services have faded away. For politics to blend into the background of everyday life, because the government just gets things done.

If you hope for these things too, I’d encourage you to vote for Labour at the next election and give me the honour of working to make these ordinary hopes of ours a reality.

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