My hopes for 2024: Youssef Bashir

A Middlesex University student looks ahead to the new year

Middlesex University student Youssef Bashir
Youssef Bashir

With the festive season having just ended, January is usually when most make the switch from reminiscing about events of the past year, to beginning to actively think about the next. Between ambitious new year’s resolutions and concrete plans people set for their future, the upcoming months become filled with everyone’s hopes.

When I started thinking what my hopes for 2024 are, my mind quickly became filled with well-wishes for family members, dreams of great personal success and a general desire for peace in the world – all the standard stuff. However, as I continued to think about it, I began to wonder if I had any more specific hopes I could put into words for this particular year.

Having just recently moved from abroad to start my first year at Middlesex University, I’m a newcomer to the Barnet area eager to learn about its history. Considering my course is writing-focused, and that I tend to seek inspiration from my surrounding environment, a hope I have for 2024 is to get to explore more of this massive borough, and to visit its landmarks, such as the Royal Air Force Museum and the site of Friern Hospital.

But the university environment is not solely academic, so in 2024, I also hope I will get more opportunities to engage with all the different societies, from the leisurely ones oriented towards gaming and sports, to the ones that volunteer and try to enact positive change locally in Barnet.

Lastly, for 2024, I hope to learn to actively live in the moment and make fond memories, enjoying the process of realising all my hopes, as much as I would achieving them.

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