My hopes for 2024: Dan Thomas

Barnet’s Conservative group leader looks ahead to the next year

Barnet Conservative group leader Dan Thomas
Cllr Dan Thomas (Credit – Barnet Council)

Nationally, the economic picture is improving, which will benefit us all.  Inflation is falling and interest rates have stabilised, with reductions forecast during 2024. I believe the national outlook for 2024 is positive.

Locally, we hope taxpayers aren’t forced to pick the up the tab for Labour crashing the council’s finances. Unfortunately, Barnet Council is forecasting a huge overspend and Labour councillors have illustrated they are not on top of the financial detail.  

Since coming to power last year, Labour has already increased council tax and parking charges have gone up by more than inflation. Residents can’t afford more increases in 2024 and we will be making this clear to the Labour-run council.

Sadly, world events have impacted Barnet residents during 2023, particularly the Ukraine war and its implications on inflation and cost of living.

Our local Jewish and Muslim communities have also felt the repercussions of Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel. I hope 2024 will see peace restored to these regions, for the sake of the local people concerned and our fellow Barnet residents.   

Finally, there will be a general election in 2024 and I hope the run-up will see a mature national debate on the issues facing us all, particularly transport, social care, housing and taxation.

Cllr Dan Thomas is the leader of the Conservative group on Barnet Council – read more Barnet Hopes for 2024 from Bidemi Alabi, Dan Tomlinson, Propa Rezwana Anwar, Sara Hall, Youssef Bashir, Dane McCrindell, Sarah Sackman and Ameet Jogia.

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