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Low-traffic scheme proposed to stop rat-runners

Traffic enforcement cameras to be used on roads between Colindale and Burnt Oak

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Traffic enforcement cameras will be used to restrict motor traffic on residential roads

A plan to stop drivers taking shortcuts through residential roads in Burnt Oak and Colindale has been unveiled by Barnet Council.

The town hall has launched a consultation on proposed traffic restrictions designed to reduce “rat-running”, congestion and vehicle noise while improving air quality and road safety.

According to the council the scheme – which is similar to low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) introduced in other boroughs – comes in response to concerns raised by local residents. It aims to encourage traffic to stick to the main roads on the boundaries of the residential areas.

The proposals involve closing sections of Booth Road and The Greenway to through motor traffic, using enforcement cameras. Two camera points would be installed on each road, and drivers passing both cameras in quick succession would be deemed to be rat-running and issued with a penalty charge notice.

Although residents and businesses would be able to access their properties, some would need to change their routes in and out of their roads to avoid passing the cameras.

Initially, the point closures would operate for up to 18 months using an experimental traffic order. A report evaluating the scheme would then be released before the council decides whether to make the changes permanent.

The town hall has won funding from the Department for Transport and Transport for London to implement the proposals.

Some LTNs in other boroughs have proved unpopular, with residents complaining over increased traffic on boundary and surrounding roads, longer journey times and access problems for emergency services.

The scheme proposed for Burnt Oak and Colindale would not use physical measures such as planters, so it would not affect access for the emergency services. Barnet Council will monitor the effect of the restrictions on main road traffic.

The consultation will run until 31st January, and the findings will contribute to the final scheme design. The results will be published in March, along with the council’s response.

More details are available online: