A safer Chipping Barnet for our families

Labour candidate Dan Tomlinson on Labour’s plans to tackle crime

The Labour Party candidate for the Chipping Barnet constituency Dan Tomlinson standing in a field
Labour candidate Dan Tomlinson – (Credit – Dan for Chipping Barnet)

Since the start of my campaign to be your MP, the issue of crime has echoed in conversations at school gates, in our local shops, and on the doorstep. The unease is palpable, and the statistics are stark. Many people across Chipping Barnet are worried about crime, and they have every right to be.

Over the last 14 years, successive Conservative governments cut more than half the number of local police, from almost 200 to just 80. The closure of Barnet police station was a result of £1 billion of cuts to the Metropolitan Police the incumbent Conservative MP voted for. 

The sense of security that once defined our neighbourhoods has been eroded by a series of choices made by Tory governments who have stretched local policing to breaking point, and the consequences are now felt by us all.

Too often when crime happens, nothing happens. Fewer than 4% of burglaries now lead to someone being charged. Almost every road where I’ve knocked on doors across the constituency, someone has complained that their car has been stolen, or someone has tried to steal it. 

Despite nearly 2,000 car thefts being recorded in the borough in the last year, when vehicles are stolen here in Barnet, there simply aren’t enough police to follow up.

As the Labour candidate for Chipping Barnet, I am committed to reversing this decline. Labour’s plan to tackle crime is both robust and community-focused. We need a two-pronged approach: more police on the beat and a concerted effort to address the root causes of crime.

Labour plans to hire 1,300 more officers in London and, as your voice in Parliament, I’ll make sure that we get our fair share here in Chipping Barnet. A visible police presence not only deters crime but also reassures the community.

I’ll also convene a Barnet Summit on car theft. It will bring together residents, local and national enforcement, car manufacturers, and others so that we can work together to build a plan to end this scourge. I will then take leadership on the issue, holding the police and other agencies to account and regularly updating on the progress being made. 

Furthermore, I will regularly speak with Residents’ Associations and community groups, listening to their concerns about safety and advocating for more support for victims of crime. 

My stake in this issue is not just political, it’s deeply personal. As a parent with a young family in Whetstone, I share the same concerns as any resident. The safety of our children and the protection of our property are non-negotiable.

Community safety is the bedrock of a thriving society and Labour is ready to restore confidence in our local police and ensure that when crime does occur, it is met with a decisive response. 

Together, we can reclaim the peace of mind that comes from knowing our streets and homes are safe. Let’s not accept the status quo where the fear of crime is a daily concern. It’s time for a government that prioritises community safety, rather than threatening it by cutting local policing. 

You have the opportunity to make that a reality on election day. A vote for Labour on 4th July is a vote for a safer community for you and your family.

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