Building a better future for Hendon: my vision for our community

David Pinto-Duschinsky on what a Labour government would mean for Hendon

David Pinto-Duschinsky, the Labour candidate for the Hendon constituency
David Pinto-Duschinsky, Labour’s candidate for Hendon

This year, the country will go to the polls. As we vote, we will all face a simple choice: do we want more of the same with the Conservatives, or do we want change? I am running to be our local MP in Hendon not only to bring change, but to restore hope.

Today, our country feels broken. We’re all worse off. Bills have soared and so have our taxes. And while we’re paying more, we’re getting less. People struggle to see a GP. Our streets feel less safe. Nothing seems to work anymore.

It’s not just that the country’s in a mess. It’s the loss of hope. After years of broken promises and chaotic government under the Conservatives, it’s understandable that many feel cynical, disillusioned and ready to give up. A lot of people tell me they fear it’s too late to turn things around, that we’ve lost our future.

I fundamentally disagree. This is a great country and we can get our future back. We needn’t live in chaos. There is another way; a better alternative for our constituency and our country.

We can build a future where families aren’t struggling; where people can work hard and get ahead; where everyone can feel safe on our streets and no-one needs fear hate; where local businesses can flourish; where people can get the NHS treatment they need; where every child has a first rate education and real opportunity; where we can bequeath a healthy environment to future generations; and where people and communities can flourish.

That’s the vision that I want to offer our community. Our constituency-which encompasses Burnt Oak, Colindale, Edgware, Mill Hill as well as Hendon and West Hendon- represents the very best of London and of Britain. As a community, we are diverse, welcoming and vibrant.

I believe strongly in Britain. My father is a Holocaust survivor and came here as a refugee. He had nothing but was welcomed with open arms. Growing up, dedicated NHS therapists helped me overcome a speech impediment. And the NHS didn’t just give me my voice. It saved my daughter’s life when she was born extremely prematurely.

These experiences show what our country can do, and what it can be. They’ve shaped who I am. They’re why I’ve spent years fighting for people in our constituency-I’m the only candidate to do so.

And I don’t just have a vision for Hendon. I have the business and government experience to get things done and a clear plan to deliver for you.

Under my plan for Hendon, a Labour Government will help cut bills and make work pay. We’ll bring back family doctors and bring in the biggest expansion in NHS history. We’ll put 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on the streets, crack down on antisocial behaviour and reverse the collapse in crimes charged. We’ll tackle the housing crisis, bring in new rights for tenants and leaseholders and stand up to developers to make sure they listen to local people. And we’ll bring in the biggest school improvement programme in a generation.

And more than that – I’ll also be a different kind of MP. Following in the footsteps of Andrew Dismore, I’ll be accessible, listen, always try to help and will always put you first.

Labour has changed and now we are ready to bring positive change to the country. At the next election, you’ll have the power in your hands not just to bring the change we all so desperately want, but to bring back hope. I hope you’ll join me so that we can grasp that opportunity together.

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