Starmer – “The power of the vote runs right through Barnet”

The Labour leader highlighted the importance of victory for Dan Tomlinson in Chipping Barnet as he bids to reach 10 Downing Street reports David Floyd

Labour leader Keir Starmer talking to staff in Boots in Whetstone
Keir Starmer (centre) talks to staff in Boots in Whetstone – (Credit – David Floyd)

Labour leader Keir Starmer described Barnet as “absolutely critical” to his party’s plans to “usher in a decade of national renewal” as he visited the borough this morning.

The opposition leader was visiting Boots in Whetstone with Boots CEO Sebastian James and shadow business secretary Jonthan Reynolds to discuss the role of pharmacists in Labour’s plans to transform the NHS.

In an exclusive interview with Barnet Post, he highlighted the need for his party to win in Chipping Barnet, Hendon and Finchley & Golders. 

He said: “The power of the vote runs right through Barnet because it’s exactly in places like this that will make the difference.”

Starmer described Dan Tomlinson, who will take on incumbent MP Theresa Villiers in Chipping Barnet at the upcoming election, as “a brilliant candidate” who would make sure that “voters have a direct line” to him if Labour secures victory. 

He also addressed local concerns about the ULEZ expansion and the impact of conflict in Israel and Gaza, while championing Labour’s success in tackling antisemitism under his leadership.

The full interview will appear in print and online next week. 

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