My crazy idea to walk the tube map

Barnet student Eitan Okrent on his 272 station fundraising challenge

Screenshot from promotion film from The Tubeathon
Screenshot from The Tubeathon video

I’m a 17 year old boy living in Barnet, in my last year of A-levels. I’m also a Sergeant in the RAF air cadets, a Head boy at my school and I love doing fundraising challenges.

Earlier this year, I had this crazy idea that I’ve named The Tubeathon which is where, on one day, different teams of young people go out to walk a certain part of the London Underground, from station to station.

The aim is that by the end of the day all the teams have collectively reached all 272 official London Underground tube stations on foot. This has never been done before and I’m sure it sounds a bit crazy. 

A couple months ago I started to advertise it to all my friends and basically every young person I know. I now have 130 people signed up to take part (mostly from Barnet). They have formed 27 different teams who are all going to walk different routes.

This challenge is set to happen on Sunday 25th February and I’m very excited about it. On this day, the teams will go out to complete their walks and then at the end there will be a massive celebration event. 

From the outset, I knew I wanted this challenge to be a charity fundraiser and I’ve decided to pick Lives not Knives. I love this charity and I am very passionate about helping the youth in London. I really like the idea that young people who live in London are going out to take part in a challenge to help other young people in London making Lives not Knives the perfect fit. 

It would be amazing if Barnet Post readers could support this challenge. You can visit our fundraising page here.

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