Letter: Scouts’ new provision for teenagers in Barnet

Bear Grylls on Barnet’s new Legacy Explorer Scout Unit

Bear Grylls with a microphone at a Scouts event
steve_w, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Dear Barnet Post,

I’m so proud that the Legacy Explorer Scout Unit has opened in Barnet. This is good news for Scouts and good news for the local community too.

This means that now over 20 more young people in Southgate will be gaining skills for life, making new friends, preparing them for a brighter future. They also get the chance to be active citizens, making a difference in their local area. Why? Because as Scouts we make a promise to help other people.

Scouts helps young people step up, speak up and dream big. It helps them play their part and take the lead, giving them skills for employment and education. We get outdoors as much as we can too of course, and we know this helps young people feel better about themselves and the world around them. That’s the power of Scouts and the wild.   

Now more than ever, our young people need the confidence and encouragement that Scouting gives. Young people are amazing. They just need the opportunities and a friendly, safe and supportive place to discover their talents. That’s where we come in.

I’m so excited to see the positive impact the Legacy Explorer Scout Unit is already making in the community.

But this has only happened because of the hard work and dedication of an amazing team. Scouts relies on the kindness and commitment of our adult volunteers. They give as much or as little time as they can spare, and they get out more than they put in – new skills, new friends and the reward of seeing young people grow into fantastic members of their community.

A very big thank you to every Scout, parent, carer and volunteer who’s made this happen. Together, we’re a force for good, helping shape a new generation.

Be part of this amazing story and volunteer today.

Bear Grylls OBE

Chief Scout

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