Overdevelopment shows residents are not prioritised

Ameet Jogia explains why he’s opposing the Hendon Hub

Ameet Jogia the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Hendon constituency
Ameet Jogia, Conservative candidate for Hendon

I am your parliamentary candidate for Hendon, covering the wonderful Edgware, Mill Hill, Burnt Oak, Colindale and Hendon. I was born in Edgware, and now live in Stanmore, and have worked as a local councillor for a decade. I am proud to call Hendon my home, and I am looking forward to giving back to the area after all it has done for me. 

Over the last ten years, the area has changed and developed beyond recognition. This is ultimately a good thing, as it means residents are getting the facilities that they deserve.

However, what we need to be careful of, and what I oppose, is overdevelopment. New builds such as the Hendon Hub are not in keeping with the area and have raised valid worries among residents

I oppose the Hendon Hub development for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m concerned that developments like these show that residents are no longer being prioritised. Plans to expand the university campus: building over essential spaces like the car park, which I and so many other Hindu worshippers from the Chinmaya Mission in Hendon rely on is very worrying. Residents feel they are being pushed to the sidelines, and this is something I will not tolerate.

Tension between Barnet Council and residents over Hendon Hub has been going on for over three years with no end in sight and this has to change. 

Secondly, the lack of clarity surrounding the project’s details and progress have been a point of frustration for me and many others. We as residents deserve transparency and engagement in every aspect of the decision-making process. I have personally expressed my concerns to the council and will continue to do everything I can to speak up for residents. 

Although it has now been confirmed that Hendon Library will be saved and will remain in its existing location, this feels like too little too late. I want Hendon to thrive. The area deserves to be regenerated, but not at the expense of the people who make the area so special and unique. New builds should work with the community, not against them.

I’ll be attending the planning committee meeting this evening (February 20th) and intend to make a speech expressing my concerns about the development. 

If elected, I will do everything I can to make sure the character of Hendon is protected, and residents are kept up to date on all aspects of this issue.

Ameet Jogia is the Conservative candidate for Hendon

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