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The ninth issue of N2 Poetry Magazine launches

An international poetry magazine, based in East Finchley

Hero for The ninth issue of N2 Poetry Magazine launches
By Steph Bramwell 22 December 2021

The ninth issue of N2 Poetry Magazine was launched at East Finchley Methodist Church at the end of October. Contributors read their poems on various subjects, some witty, sad and others were

observational. The magazine includes translations from Chinese to English, English to Arabic and English to Portuguese.

N2 Poetry Magazine was founded over ten years ago by poet and teacher Dennis Evans. It aims to publish interesting, thought-provoking and accessible poetry for its readers and welcomes submissions from local poets and those further afield. The current issue has poems from 19 contributors, many of whom live locally, though our furthest poet lives in Saudi Arabia. The cover photograph, by Ginny Adams, shows the iconic East Finchley Underground statue of The Archer.

N2 Poetry Magazine receives no funding from the Arts Council, although there have been generous donations from sponsors. It is unusual for a small, local magazine to last for such a long time and attract interest and support from the community, and internationally. Perhaps, the success is, in part, because the magazine is fortunate to have the experience and expertise of three poets on its Editorial Board.

We are now accepting submissions for Issue 10, which will be published next year to celebrate the magazine’s tenth anniversary. A maximum of four poems can be submitted, preferably by email, to [email protected] Please include your name and details. If you are unable to use email, please send your poems, typed on white A4 paper, to The Managing Editor, N2 Poetry Magazine, 3 Leslie Road, London N2 8BN, including a covering letter and SAE.

Copies of N2 Poetry Magazine can be obtained by emailing [email protected] and cost £5.00 plus postage