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What we do

Here at Barnet Post, we do things differently. We combine professional journalism with voluntary contributions from people who live and work in the borough and create content that is responsive to and reflective of the community.

These are challenging times for print media with many newspapers closing and advertising revenue in decline, but our not-for-profit model offers a new approach to creating local news which is inclusive and accountable.

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As a not-for-profit publication, we rely on the generous support of our community. We look to our readers, who recognise the value of independent journalism, to help support us.

You can do this by becoming a member either as an individual or as an organisation. See the rewards opposite and once you’ve decided what package you would like, click the ‘join now’ button above.

As a founding member, your contributions will be used to help Barnet Post go to print. Nobody should be locked out of local news, but plenty of people across the borough face digital exclusion. This is why it is important that we go to print. We believe that news should remain free and accessible to everyone, no matter their age or circumstances. Contributing as a member helps us to reach our goal.

Individual rewards

£3 per month

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Organisational rewards

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