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Local blogger on animal welfare and women's rights

Local blogger is up for Animal Star Award and shares her experiences as UN Women UK Delegate for the Commission on the Status of Women

Hero for Local blogger on animal welfare and women's rights
By Binny Shah-Patel  

My name is Binny Shah-Patel and I am a local Barnet resident running my own social media agency, specialising in clients varying from restaurants, food and drink brands, real estate and travel firms. Prior to this, I had a ten-year career in investment banking.

I am also the editor and founder of an award-winning food, travel and wildlife blog called ‘Binny’s Food and Travel’ which I run as a hobby and is now in its sixth year.

Through my blog, I have had some wonderful and unique experiences such as dining with chef James Martin on a Mediterranean cruise, interviewing the late Antonio Carluccio, visiting far-flung destinations to write travel guides as well as attending the Latin America 50 Best Restaurant Awards in Mexico City.

I also use my social media platforms and blog to elevate key campaigns and issues, aiming to be a voice for the voiceless when it comes to animals rights.

I admire and support the work of several animal charities such as Born Free Foundation, FOUR PAWS and I am an ambassador for World Animal Protection in the UK.

The root of my passion for animal welfare stems from my upbringing and childhood in Kenya, where I have seen first-hand that wildlife that was once in abundance is now becoming endangered. Back then, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to spot a monkey or two swinging from the trees in my back garden!

I am so grateful to be recognised for the work I do with regards to animal welfare and pleased to have been selected as a finalist for the ‘Animal Hero’ category in the Animal Star Awards, which will be held virtually on Sunday, 28th March 2021 from 6-8 PM. You can find details here in case you would like to buy a ticket to attend:

I also just recently won ‘Outstanding Woman of the Year’ at the SHE Awards 2021, presented by The Apprentice 2019 winner Carina Lepore, during a virtual awards ceremony.

At present, I am currently attending The United Nation’s Sixty-Fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which is taking place virtually until 26th March 2021 as part of the UN Women UK Delegation, which is an absolute honour!

So far, it has been incredible to sit in on key discussions on such important topics such as women’s safety in public spaces, gender violence, child marriage and girls education to name a few, with leaders, activists and inspiring voices. I even witnessed VP Kamala Harris make her historical UN debut with an amazing speech!

I will be writing up my experience of attending the CSW and so if you would be interested in reading more about it or about any of my other work, you can find my details below.


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