Candidate statement: Imtiaz Palekar

The Workers Party candidate for Hendon

Workers Party candidate Imtiaz Palekar with party leader George Galloway
Workers Party candidate Imtiaz Palekar with party leader George Galloway (left)

Highly experienced entrepreneur with an aerospace background, civil servant for 15 years, currently director of SME technology company developing green technology.

Need for affordable living in Hendon. Affordable housing for all, especially first time buyers. Privatised energy companies contributed to price hikes with profits first policy. The Workers Party (WP) manifesto will reverse this trend through nationalisation of energy and utilities companies. Furthermore, nationalisation of public transportation will create affordable travel and encourage less use of cars (improve air quality).

Rebuild British industry: abolish anti-worker rationalisation, Job Security and fair wages. The British worker has become a beast of burden and heavily exploited by the big corporations with minimum offset schemes for workers.

Support for small businesses: SME owners in Hendon need assistance. Assistance with affordable loans to develop and grow this sector.

NHS, elderly, disabled, mental health: nationalise the NHS which before 1990 mass backdoor privatisation cost £29.4billion to run. In 2022 NHS costs £190billion for only 0.7% increase in patient numbers.

Tackle knife crime and drug abuse (increase policing). Constituents complain of increased knife and drug crimes with minimum intervention by the police. The aim of the WP will be to increase policing and resources to counter this menace.

Education, support for students and student loans: Free high quality education from cradle to first degree.

Champion human rights nationally and internationally. Ceasefire in Gaza, recognise state of Palestine. End imperialistic wars and phased withdrawal from NATO that costs 2.07% of GDP.

Statements from the other seven candidates: Gabrielle Bailey – Green Party, Clareine Enderby – Liberal Democrats, Jane Gibson – Social Democratic Party, Ameet Jogia – Conservative, Joshua Pearl – Reform UK, David Pinto-Dushchinsky – Labour, Ben Rend – Rejoin EU

Note: Barnet Post approached all candidates for the borough’s seats and offered them the opportunity to make a 250-word statement. The purpose of these statements is to give voters the clearest possible understanding of the perspectives of people who are asking for their support. In doing this, we acknowledge that some views expressed my cause offence and distress and apologise if this is the case.

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