No news is good news. Or is it? 

Please support The Barnet Post if you can, because no news is bad news 

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June 3rd-9th 2024 was Indie News Week, a celebration of independent publishers of public interest news across the country, organised by The Public Interest News Foundation.

Throughout the month of June, in celebration of Indie News Week, Public Interest News Foundation’s Indie News Fund is match funding all donations and new supporter sign ups for Barnet Post. If you think you could support Barnet Post, this month is a perfect time as your contribution will be doubled.

As long as you have a local independent news source like Barnet Post in your area, your community can stay informed – but sadly, far too many news providers aren’t able to cover their costs, and have to shut down. 

Barnet Post is published by Social Spider Community News. We’re a very small team. We’ve always been honest with you, our readers, about how much of a challenging time this is for small publishers like us.

Nearly 400,000 people live in Barnet. It costs around £2,000 a month to keep Barnet Post in print and free for everyone, distributing 15,000 copies across the borough. If one person for every thousand people living in Barnet donates £5.00 per month, the future of Barnet Post, free for everyone, is secured. We’re looking for 400 people who care enough about local news to donate £5 a month to support the paper.

If you are a community group or organisation who would like to support Barnet Post, you can check your options here.

We’re incredibly grateful for the support the community of Barnet gives us.  You can see the list of people and organisations that support us with regular donations here.  

Our news is always free for anyone who wants to read it.

Every month in print, and every day online, we bring you as much news as we humanly can with our small team, without any of the advantages of larger corporate publishers. We don’t publish ‘content’, we publish news  We don’t write clickbait stories that are intended to be picked up by search engines and targeted at people who have never set foot in our brough, never mind lived and worked here.  We try as much as we can to bring you news about Barnet that you won;t find anywhere else.  If we had more resources, we would bring you more. . 

Without news, how would you know about the issues affecting your community? How would you know what your local authorities were planning or whether they were acting legally? How would you know if your local environment was being impacted and by whom? And how would you know about the positive changes in your area, the success stories? 

If you can please support Barnet Post, your local independent news provider today and keep your community in the know. No news is bad news.

The Barnet Post team.

No news is bad news 

Independent news outlets like ours – reporting for the community without rich backers – are under threat of closure, turning British towns into news deserts. 

The audiences they serve know less, understand less, and can do less. 

If our coverage has helped you understand our community a little bit better, please consider supporting us with a monthly, yearly or one-off donation. 

Choose the news. Don’t lose the news.

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