Advertorial: The Future of Media

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Barnet TV’s Bidemi Alabi

Television, radio, and print remain the most widely used, credible and effective media platforms for keeping people informed about what’s happening around them. Over the years, some media platforms have increasingly become focused on negativity and pursuing political agendas. Not only this, but the industry has also seen an ever-growing lack of meaningful and relevant work experience, apprenticeship, traineeship, and entry level employment opportunities especially for those from ethnic minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Following the successful launch of Barnet TV, our award-winning flagship online community TV channel in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to create more online community TV channels, radio stations, print and electronic publications that: 

  • Promote and celebrate the wonderful things that happen in our communities, • Amplify the voice of residents, 
  • Keep our communities informed and engaged, 
  • Promote community cohesion and 
  • Create an inexhaustible pipeline of pathway and sustained employment opportunities for those interested in a career in TV, journalism, business and more. 

Over the next 3 years, we would like to create and launch a channel in every London borough and have other assets such as radio stations, studios and publications that will provide more than 8,000 opportunities every year. 

Our communities need and deserve media platforms that promote positivity, support local authorities, keep residents informed, help local businesses survive and thrive, create employment and self-employment opportunities for residents and promote community cohesion. 

The experience we’ve gained from starting and running Barnet TV has given us unique insight into the importance of creating and developing strong relationships with local stakeholders across the borough. Over the years, Barnet TV has created more than 150 strategic partnerships with the local authority, local charities, and community organisations, has become the fastest growing and one of the most trusted media organisations in the borough and has the capability of reaching more than 250,000 residents in London’s most populous borough. 

Barnet TV also delivers TV skills training and mentoring programmes, marketing and communications campaigns and video production services. Over the years, it has worked with organisations such as Barnet Council, the borough command of the Metropolitan Police, Barnet Group and Central Housing Group to create content that is resident centric and aims to keep them informed. Its content has been watched over a hundred thousand times and covers a wide variety of areas from community events, interviews with local MPs and resident opinion pieces.

Barnet TV has also been instrumental in creating work experience opportunities for students in Middlesex University, Barnet and Southgate College and residents interested in a career in TV, business, and admin. 

As our flagship online community TV channel, Barnet TV has been very successful, and we have started replicating its business model in other London boroughs successfully.  

We are very proud of what we do, are doing and achieving, and being a finalist in Creative/Media Business of the Year category of the West London Business Awards 2024 makes us even prouder.

If you like what we do and would like to get involved as a Foundation Investor (individual or corporate), please scan the QR code or email [email protected] for more information.

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